Toilet Tycoon: Patch for full Windows 8 compatibility is coming soon

Posted: September 3, 2013 in News
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Toilet Tycoon for Windows 8The game Toilet Tycoon is a living legend. It was released years ago when Windows XP was the hottest shit in the world of operating systems. The years gone by and Windows XP is leaving this world. So the famous developer Anvil-Soft is now working on a patch which guarantees full Windows 8 compatibility for the beloved game Toilet Tycoon.

The patch will be released soon. When in detail? The developer of Anvil-Soft say: “When it’s done”. So please stay tuned!

  1. Brian Walters says:

    How long will it takes, I want to play it on my new pc.
    please do it quick love his game!!!
    *sorry for my english*

  2. klomanager says:

    In early 2014 (maybe January or February) we’ll release the patch for Toilet Tycoon.

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