About The Game

Do you have the dream of a crisis free job? No problem! In the PC game Toilet Tycoon (the original German version is called Klomanager) you concentrate your efforts on the small and big “business” of your customers!


Toilet Tycoon is an unusual and funny management simulation in which you can proof your skills as a leader of  the saniterian installations of a whole town!

On your way to the top, you have calculate wisely and should always keep an eye on your opponents – else you simply will be flushed…

Toilet Tycoon Product Sheet EN

System requirements

–    Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
–    25 MB free disk space
–    16 MB RAM
–    Pentium 100 MHz
–    1 MB V-RAM
–    Screen resolution min. 800 x 600
–    DirectX 7.0 or higher

The media says

“Toilet Tycoon has well done graphics and content, with high fun factor that should be looked at playfully though.” (ComputerBild Spiele)

“The game about the loo is surly exciting” (SharePlay)

“Luck on the toilet: the strangest economic simulation ever give you the chance to compete as loo cleaner…”(PC Games)

“Summarized: Witty simulation, that should be look at for the price alone.All who search a different kind of game, get it here.”(ComputerEasy)

“The idea is witty, the titel original”(Nuernberger Nachrichten)

More about Toilet Tycoon

>> Screenshots

>> Downloads

>> History

>> Shopping / Buy it

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