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Toilet Tycoon at Gamesplanet UK

Toilet Tycoon at Gamesplanet UK

“We’re ready to make the whole world happy with our fantastic game Toilet Tycoon” said Matthias Hofmann, CEO of the independent games developer Anvil-Soft, a few weeks ago. Now this vision came true. After the very successful start at, the funny management simulation Toilet Tycoon and its German version Klomanager Deluxe are now available in many download-shops all around the world.

For example you can now download Toilet Tycoon at Gamesplanet UK, Gamersgate, GameTap, and the Anvil-Soft download shop. And the famous Klomanager Deluxe can be bought at McGame, Gamesplanet Germany,, Gamer Unlimited and Gamesload.

But: This is just the beginning of the worldwide success story of Toilet Tycoon / Klomanager Deluxe! More partnerships will follow soon. Stay tuned…

A few weeks ago the German indiegames developer Anvil-Soft announced that it will bring its fantastic fun game Toilet Tycoon to the whole world. Now the first step is done: Toilet Tycoon is available in the download store of Amazon. More shops will follow soon!

Toilet Tycoon at

Toilet Tycoon at

And that’s not enough: From the beginning Toilet Tycoon conquered the Amazon best sellers charts. It’s now on the third place and ready for taking the lead!

Toilet Tycoon in the Amazon best sellers charts

Toilet Tycoon in the Amazon best sellers charts. Fantastic!

Toilet Tycoon PackshotDo you know the management game Toilet Tycoon? No? Why not? Maybe you’re too young or you don’t live in Europe. Whatever… the famous classic game Toilet Tycoon now returns as a download version.

“The strangest economic simulation ever“ (says the gaming magazine PC GAMES) is back! After some silent years the German indiegames developer Anvil-Soft now blows the horns for a digital attack: “The time of the Sleeping Beauty is over”, says CEO Matthias Hofmann, “We’re ready to make the whole world happy with our fantastic game Toilet Tycoon. And that’s just the beginning!”

In the last years the popular game Toilet Tycoon (in German: Klomanager) was only available in retail stores and at Amazon. Now it’s the perfect time to release the download version of the game that simulates a line of business that’s totally crisis proof! More than 30,000 customers so far have shown that money doesn’t stink as a manager of pay toilets! “With the release of the download version we’d like to give the whole of humankind the chance to buy the beloved Toilet Tycoon. Because of the great price, the low hardware requirements and the timeless and funny gameplay we’re sure to find billions of new customers – and we’re confident to become millionaires finally!”, says Hofmann.

Much more is coming!

There is already a way to buy and download Toilet Tycoon in the new Anvil-Soft online shop. But CEO Matthias Hofman has bigger plans: “We’ve entered into negotiations with some download portals around the world. Until now Toilet Tycoon and the Klomanager have only been available in some parts of Europe, but we’ll change this soon!”

Toilet Tycoon Download

>> Buy and download Toilet Tycoon

And that’s not enough! After having spent the last years counting their banknotes, the German developer Anvil-Soft hits the ground running with new power. More promotions and releases around the famous brands Toilet Tycoon and Klomanager will start soon. “I’ll be back”, says not only the Terminator but also the Anvil-Soft team with their wonderful classic game. Stay tuned!

History: 20 years of (s)hit

The first version of the Toilet Tycoon was the German version called Klomanager. This was released in the 90ies on the Atari ST home computer. Years later Anvil-Soft developed the PC version, which was first available in the year 2000. With this the Klomanager brand came to fame. Due to the huge popularity of Klomanager, Anvil-soft decided to program Klomanager Deluxe. In 2006 the Klomanager Deluxe was released and with it the English version – the famous Toilet Tycoon. Now, another six years later, a new fantastic chapter has started with the digital release of this fantastic PC game.

Toilet Tycoon Download

>> Buy and download Toilet Tycoon

Until now the famous Toilet Tycoon was only available in retail stores and online shops (e.g. Amazon). But now there is one more way to get the weird management simulation: download it!

You can buy and download Toilet Tycoon (in German: Klomanager Deluxe) directly at Gamesload, the download portal of the Deutschen Telekom.

Klomanager Download bei Gamesload

Watch the official trailer of Klomanager Deluxe at Gamesload